Christmas Village, Wallace, Idaho

OK, maybe the photos were taken after Christmas, in early February of 2008. If I remember correctly, I had heard that there was a lot of snow over there and a change in the weather was coming. I don’t have a lot to offer in the way of descriptions, the visual effect should be enough! For those of you who have never been here, the town was the setting for the movie Dante’s Peak.


The old Northern Pacific Depot.





Note how the snow is sticking together, wider than the chimney!



The roof of the bus barn collapsed, you can see a ladder on the wall where someone was checking out the damage.


A sidewalk trench. I shot from a lower angle, the sides were waist deep on me. I couldn’t hang my camera from one shoulder because of the risk of it hitting the sides.


A ’55 Chevy parked by the grocery store, in front of a wall of piled-up snow.


A Nash plays peek-a-boo from under a load of snow at the Red Light Garage. This is all you could see of the car which was parked under the Stardust Motel sign.


Life imitating Art?


A garage glacier defies the laws of physics.


Another sidewalk trench on the west side of town.


Somebody poured this one too fast!


All of downtown Wallace is a Historic District and there are many details to be seen in the vintage frame homes.


The need for snowshoes was apparent as I trudged through knee-deep snow to shoot this old work truck. A friend actually read that email and gave me a set of snowshoes for the following Christmas. The top of the cab is lower than the stake bed sides. It’s disguised as a VW bug?


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