Snow on The Palouse: Sunset Light

Some people may revel at the sight of a colorful summer sunset but for my money a more complete immersion in color can occur in the middle of winter. The western sky can have an amazing transition from a blazing orange sunset, through shades of blue up and overhead, and down to pink which fades into deep purple at the horizon. When the landscape is covered with snow, it can capture all of these colors on the surfaces which are angled toward the different shades. I shouldn’t waste anymore time trying to describe it, these photos from the northern Palouse region of eastern Washington will speak for themselves. We tend to have very long twilights here in the Inland Northwest so just because the sun is done, doesn’t mean the photographers should pack it in and head home. Most of these photos were taken in the northern end of the Palouse, just south of Spokane where the wheatfields end at the mountains.


Mica Peak, viewed from the Palouse Highway, east of Valleyford.


Mica Peak, viewed from a road east of Rockford.


East of Freeman.


Three shots showing frost catching the sunset light, south of Rockford.




Three shots taken just west of Spangle.




Light catching peaks in Idaho, as seen from a road south of Rockford.


Deer head for cover, east of Freeman.


View ot Tower Mountain, taken from a back road west of Valleyford.


A permanent fixture on a Spangle shed.


The local line south of Spangle.


The landmark barn, south of Spangle.


Another landmark just north of Spangle, with Mica Peak behind. This one’s looking worse these days, the log structure might not have much time left.


The grain elevators at Spangle.

As you can see, just becasue the sun sets doesn’t mean you should pack up the camera, a different show is just beginning!


~ by mikespixels on February 17, 2013.

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